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Lab Results

Whether or not science is your thing, understanding the studies & testing that surround any supplement you choose to take is of extreme importance. At Remedy+, we take a lot of pride in ensuring each product we bring to you is the best it can be. We work on the principle of “treat others how you’d like to be treated” and insist on proven quality & excellence in everything we do.

You’re a smart consumer, and just like us, you care about what you put into your body. You want to know that the products you buy are safe, backed by science, and made with high-quality ingredients designed to support you.

Here at Remedy+, we share that vision. We believe that any manufacturer of products you use in support of your overall health and wellness should be able to show proof that the ingredients and quality promoted on their labels are, in fact, present within their products. That’s precisely why we go above & beyond the standard protocol and run all of our products through rigorous, third-party lab tests and we make sure each of the lab results is posted for you to see. This way, you know the product is pure, and that we’ve kept it free of all the bad stuff.

Each of our products is formulated with peak performance in mind. Whether you decide to try our DROP, SHOT, RUB, or CAP (or all four), our tests show that you are getting the purity and high-quality ingredients we know make us stand above the rest. Below, you can find the complete lab results for each of our products. If you have additional questions about how these products are formulated or developed, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Your health and wellness is top of mind for us!


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