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Our Spokespeople

Our Spokespeople

The Power of Performance

Meet some the athletes and wellness professionals who are raising their games by incorporating Remedy+ into their daily routines.

Florentina Hanisch &
Ana Marija Zubori

#1 Ranked and Reigning Platform
Tennis National Champions

Florentina Hanish and Ana-Marija Zubori
Florentina Hanisch is the Head of Women’s Platform Tennis at Plainfield Country Club in New Jersey and is a three-time Women’s National Champion and winner of more than 30 APTA sanctioned tournaments.

Ana Marija Zubori is a two-time APTA Women’s National Champion and Director of Paddle at the Country Club of New Canaan in Connecticut. She has achieved special recognition in tennis including being the Serbian and French National Champion in junior categories as well as being a two-time Athlete of the Year at the University of South Carolina.

“The Remedy+ products have been something we rely on to help us with endurance during long matches and continued relief from training throughout the season. Being part of the Remedy+ team feels like a perfect match and being associated with products we truly value and use on a daily basis is our priority.” —Florentina Hanisch and Ana Marija Zubori, current American Paddle Tennis Association (APTA) Women’s National Champions.
For more on Florentina and Ana, visit fhaz.net or check them out on Instagram at @flortennis and @zubori

Alex Beach
Two-Time PGA Professional National Champion and Current PGA Cup Champion with Team USA

Alex Beach
Alex Beach is a two-time PGA Professional National Champion, two-time PGA Cup Member, five-time PGA Championship participant, Korn Ferry Tour Member, three-time Titleist Staff Player of the Year, three-time combined Met & NJ PGA Player of the Year award recipient and has several PGA Major victories along with many other professional accolades.
“I utilize the full product line each and every day to keep me feeling and performing my best. I truly believe everyone can benefit from Remedy+, and look forward to the brand’s continued growth amongst golf, tennis, and fitness enthusiasts.” –Alex Beach, two-time PGA Professional National Champion.
For more on Alex, check him out on Instagram at @abicii_

Rosie Acosta
Award-winning podcaster, yoga instructor and holistic wellness author of “You are Radically Loved”

Rosie Acosta
Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. Hosting a weekly conversational wellness podcast, The Radically Loved Podcast, she also released her first book, You are Radically Loved, detailing a healing journey to self-love. Leading workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings around the world, she works with a wide range of students, from Olympic athletes, NFL champions, NBA All-Stars and veterans. She’s been featured in Yoga Journal, Well + Good, Forbes and The New York Post.
“I have worked for years to lead a holistic, healthy lifestyle that allows me to be the best version of myself, and I wanted to make sure that I had an authentic connection to a brand that I was incorporating into my daily routine and I found that with Remedy+.” —Rosie Acosta, award-winning podcaster and holistic wellness author of “You are Radically Loved.”
For more on Rosie, visit www.radicallyloved.com or check her out on Instagram and Facebook at @rosieacosta