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Remedy+ The CAP

(20 customer reviews)


The CAP delivers 750mg per container (25mg per softgel) of broad-spectrum CBD along with 7,500mg (250mg per softgel) of Curcumin and special formulation of other plant-based terpenes and oils chosen specifically for their ability to support recovery from physical activity and allow for a restful night’s sleep.

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Meet the Cap

Adequate rest and recovery are two critical parts of peak athletic performance. Fortunately, The CAP is here to help you rest your body and emerge stronger and more competitive than ever before. Each dose delivers a specially-formulated blend of CBD and inflammation-fighting Curcumin through water-soluble Nanoemulsion technology.

Designed for anyone living an active, competitive, on-the-go lifestyle, these CBD softgels with curcumin support wellness from the inside out. We know it’s important to you to keep your joints healthy and recover completely from even intense physical activity. Fortunately, our wellness supplements help you keep adapting, transforming, growing, and coming back stronger than ever.

Find out how far you can go with The CAP.

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NovaSOL Curcumin, Hemp-derived extract, Polysorbate 20, Beta Caryophyllene, MCT Oil, Candelilla Wax, (Shell Ingredients) Bovine Gelatin, Glycerine, Purified Water, Beta Carotene


Take 1-4 soft gels daily with food as needed. Store at room temperature and keep away from light and humidity to preserve freshness.

20 reviews for Remedy+ The CAP

  1. Ara Kantardjian

    Nothing helps me sleep & recover after a long paddle match at night more than THE CAP!!! PADDLE + REMEDY ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Leslie M.

    I had been struggling with back pain that made sleeping straight through the night difficult but these CAPs have really made a difference and now I wake up with less soreness and more energy. Can’t recommend this product enough if you are looking for a way to sleep better and with less pain.

  3. Mark V.

    I didn’t really notice anything at first and then after a few days, I realized I was genuinely sleeping better and feeling more energized when I got out of bed. Could it all be in my head? Perhaps, but, I am loving the results and sticking with it.

  4. Robert P. (VA)

    This is my go-to before bedtime. I take 2 soft-gels and sleep so much better and I wake up feeling great.

  5. Beth

    Experiencing great benefits! I have early stage RA. 2 capsules each night has decreased the number of flair ups. The extra benefits I sense are a deeper sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and also maintaining a sense of calm through out my very fast paced, hectic work day! Will continue to purchase and recommend to my Health & fitness clients

  6. Elle O’Rourke

    Within 40 minutes the two Remedy + Gels I took swept away the migraine pain I had been experiencing for 2 straight days! I’ve tried CBD products before and never had these results!

  7. Julie (verified owner)

    I used to take a lot of Advil fir muscle and joint pain but it gave me chronic stomach issues. I have now completely substituted Remedy Caps for Advil and now I have no stomach problems and the pain and inflammation relief has been better and longer lasting.

  8. Zachary S

    I had back pain all day took advil twice and felt no relief. I took two capsules and After 15 minuets there was immediate relief!

  9. Leila K

    Another amazing product from Remedy! The cap is calming of tension in my body and muscles, and helps me feel at ease quickly. Almost like a miracle pill. Taking two a day works perfect at night or even during a mid day pick me up. Will purchase again!

  10. Meg (verified owner)

    I use the cap at night and it’s helped me manage my anxiety better than any pharmaceutical drug. I sleep more restfully at night – ever since I started taking the CAP, my fitbit registered that my nightly sleep was 20% more restorative as I spent much more time in a deep sleep period.

  11. Allison P.

    Hi Remedy+,
    Your CAPs are AMAAAZING! I love the fact that I sleep better at night and don’t wake up feeling all foggy. Thanks for making my nights and mornings better!

  12. Cecily B.

    These little curcumin cbd pills are a total joy to have. I sleep so much better now and my back is definitely feeling better when I wake up. Not sure how or why but I don’t care. It just works!

  13. Leonard

    The remedy caps are helping me with my sleep but I need to take 2 of them. So I recommend to anyone that they buy these when they are on sale.

  14. Mary S.

    My husband and I both take the CAP before bedtime and it helps us both sleep through the night but we wake up feeling less groggy than we did when we were using Melatonin supplements.

  15. Eddie

    I’m a twice a week tennis player that suffers from bad knees and the occasional sore serving shoulder but thanks to you, I’m feeling less sore all over. These capsules really are the perfect remedy.

  16. Kacey

    I was having Achilles pain left leg. It started getting worse while running or after tennis. I looked up/learned stretching techniques for it along with taking Remedy. Within a few weeks the pain was gone! Love it!

  17. Joe S.

    Nice to be able to play golf again without having to take handfuls of Alleve or Advil! This product is the real deal.

  18. Casey

    When I run I usually start to feel the aches/pains around 3 miles, but when I took 2 caps I was able to make it almost double the distance! Even better, my calves didn’t cramp like they usually do. Great product!

  19. Mike B

    Really helped me get a great night of sleep after a hectic and stressful day.

  20. Ben

    Really seeing the benefits. Training for the NYC marathon and I’ve been taking 2 CAPs prior to long training runs to reduce hip and knee soreness that often sets in at the longer mileage. Great stuff.

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