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Remedy+ Review – CBD Health and Wellness

Jan 31, 2022 | News & Press


RIn recent years, CBD has become synonymous with natural health and wellness. Remedy+ goes a step further to create tailor-made health and wellness products with cannabinoid rich CBD, proven therapeutic terpene blends, and natural ingredients.

Unlike so many companies in both the cannabis and wellness spaces, Remedy+ goes out of its way for transparency. The ingredients in their products are clearly listed, and they provide lab-verified COAs for all of their products, complete with terpene profiles and safety testing.

While they don’t offer the typical range of products you see from a CBD company, Remedy+ does offer an array of quality options more commonly seen from a health company. That’s because, at their core, that’s exactly who they are. When it comes to CBD products, specifically designed for optimal performance, Remedy+ is hard to overlook.

Product Selection: Tinctures, Energy Shots, Topical Ointment, Capsules, Protein Bars

Isolates or Full Spectrum: Broad Spectrum

Pet Products: No

The Good: Premium quality natural ingredients and a focus on health and performance.

The Bad: Limited product range. Vegan options would be nice too.


The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for premium quality health and wellness products based around CBD, Remedy+ is a fantastic option. They don’t offer many of the standard CBD products, like flower or gummies, but that’s not the core of who they are. They’re focused on performance for active people and those looking for optimal health, and that’s what they excel at. That said, more options in flavors would be nice, and it’s almost odd that, in the natural wellness space, there are no vegan options, except for (possibly) the DROP. Still, Remedy+ is a top-tier performance CBD brand.

Who They Are:

Remedy+ is a CBD company with a focus on people with active lifestyles, whether that’s in an athletic sense or simply people that want to remain at their absolute peak. They designed their products to utilize the body’s endocannabinoid system to increase focus, maintain clarity, and fuel performance.

Remedy+ began when co-founder Chris Peck started looking for natural solutions to his own aches, pains, and injuries and a way to get back to the sports and activities he was passionate about. His search eventually led him to CBD, and he partnered with Tom Kurz to create a CBD product using the information that he learned through his own search for better health.

Each of the products offered by Remedy+ is independently lab tested to ensure that it’s as high quality as possible. The lab certifications are all readily available on the Remedy+ website, and each test includes information on cannabinoids as well as terpenes and safety testing for contaminants.

Remedy+ is clear in its mission for health, performance, and quality.

What Products They Have:

Remedy+ designed their products for people with active lifestyles and the way they like to refuel. Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go stack, a quick boost of energy, or you’re winding down and need some localized relief for soreness, Remedy+ has you covered. Remedy+ offers products more like a health and fitness company, making them somewhat unique in the cannabis world.


The DROP is a high quality CBD tincture based on coconut-derived MCT oil and a blend of essential oils. Remedy+ also includes a proprietary terpene mixture for maximum benefit. The DROP is designed to give you a higher concentration of CBD as a focus-boosting jump-start for your day.


What if there was a top-quality energy shot that also contained broad spectrum CBD? That’s where the SHOT comes in. Remedy+ offers a case of twelve energy shots, each containing the usual energy boosting components that you’d find in typical energy shots. Of course, these energy shots contain natural hemp extract for an added sense of clarity and calm.


Any active person over the age of twenty knows that with an active lifestyle comes the occasional ache or pain. Well, Remedy+ has an answer for that too. The RUB is a topical ointment infused with a high concentration of CBD for optimal absorption and pain relief. The RUB is formulated from natural ingredients like sunflower oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter to not only provide relief but moisturize and heal your skin as well.


Recovery is vital for an active lifestyle. The CAP is formulated to help you bounce back from both intense physical activity and stress. Remedy+ includes doses of CBD and curcumin in the CAP, both of which have proven anti-inflammatory properties. While the RUB is great for topical relief, the CAP is an internal solution for helping your joints recover.


The BAR isn’t a CBD product. It’s a protein bar but with hemp protein. Hemp is an excellent plant-based source of protein that contains vital nutrients and amino acids. The BAR contains chocolate and oats as well as raisins, cranberry and acai. It’s packed with natural protein and antioxidants to fuel your day.

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