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Why Remedy+

Work Hard Play Hard

Because you work and play hard

Success at work and in sports can take its toll on the body and mind, especially as you age. Remedy+ products are specially formulated to help you, the active professional, meet the physical and mental demands associated with achieving and maintaining peak performance.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because you care about performance

You can’t bring your A-game if you’re lacking focus, experiencing nagging pain or simply feeling drained. Whether using the RUB to soothe sore joints and muscles or taking the CAP before bed to help with getting a great night’s rest, Remedy+ can help you recalibrate on multiple levels so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because confidence is so important to success

It’s no coincidence that so many successful people ooze confidence. Our formulators and nutritionists work hand-in-hand to create natural products that help support mental and physiological functions essential to fuelling the confidence you need to succeed. Remedy+ can provide that additional edge to help you when you’re traveling, closing a business deal or competing in sports.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because you care about what you put into your body…

…And so do we. Our products are made blending the highest quality hemp compounds with other premium plant-based nutrients, essential oils and terpenes to give you the performance edge you are looking for. Each product is also third-party tested with results published online to so you can feel good knowing that you’re getting what you pay for.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because performance has never tasted this good

Supplements and protein snacks that do their job don’t have to taste bad. In fact, we believe they should be delicious and something you look forward to consuming. This is why we formulate our products in such a way that you will smile every time you try one of our great tasting DROPs, BARs and SHOTs.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because it works

Our customers’ testimonies speak for themselves. Whether you are seeking to enhance focus and clarity, manage symptoms associated with aches and pains or simply find a natural, steady boost in energy and stamina, you can feel good knowing that Remedy+ has been delivering on promise to fitness enthusiasts, country club athletes, and candle burning executives all across America.