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Today, the first question many CBD newcomers have is “how does the product taste?” Is it sour? Sugary? Fruity? Does it have that awful dirt taste associated with so many organic supplements? 

The answer is: it depends. It’s certainly possible to get CBD supplements that taste terrible, and that leave a lingering funk in your mouth for hours after you’ve consumed them. It’s also possible, however, to get nice, pleasant-tasting supplements that won’t send you running to brush your teeth.

The difference lies with how the products are formulated. And specifically with the quality and flavor of ingredients that are being used in combination with the CBD.

What Influences the Taste of CBD Supplements?

The taste of a CBD supplement is influenced by formulation and ingredient combinations. As a general rule, the more complex the product is, the more varying ingredients that affect the taste. Here are a few things to keep in mind, if you’re wondering how a CBD supplement will taste:

  • Extraction method. When CBD is pure and unfiltered, it has a grassy taste virtually nobody likes. This flavor profile comes from the plant’s natural terpenes. CBD that is not pure and is, instead, blended with other oils and ingredients will have a different flavor. CBD oil that is filtered, for example, goes through a series of fine screens, which remove most of the plant’s native chlorophyll and other material. This makes the oil viscous and refined, which is great for beginning CBD users who are cautious about the natural taste of the product. 
  • Carrier oils. CBD is commonly blended with carrier oils like avocado or MCT oils, in addition to flavoring oils. The great news is that this gives the consumer a lot of control over their CBD’s flavor. If you like peppermint, for example, you can look for a CBD extract blended with peppermint flavoring oil. 

How Manufacturers Alter the Taste of CBD

Today, CBD comes in a variety of formats, from edibles to tinctures and beyond. And the manufacturers of these products put a great deal of time and energy into making them taste just right. As a general rule, though, manufacturers are either looking to create a product that emphasizes the natural flavor of cannabis products or mask the cannabis taste with other flavors, such as peppermint. 

According to a recent piece published by the USA CBD Expo:

Spectrum products – those incorporating a greater range of cannabinoids than just CBD – tend naturally to have cannabis notes from the presence of terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. Removing components removes some flavours – so a broad spectrum product with the THC removed has fewer cannabis notes than a full spectrum product and an isolate such as pure CBD has almost none – but as a result, tends to have bitter-tasting compounds.

Companies that don’t want to embrace the natural taste of CBD can block it with solutions that either mask the taste or work within the mouth to block certain taste receptors. While many of these blocking solutions are artificial, many brands have turned to natural ingredients that tend to have a bitter flavor profile such as dark chocolate, grapefruit, and coffee. 

Finding a CBD Product You Actually Like

Finding a good-tasting CBD product involves a bit of trial and error. If you’re like most consumers, you’ll go through several options before you find one you enjoy and want to incorporate into your daily life. To  save you some time and effort, though, here’s a breakdown of the various types of CBD products, and which will be best for each type of consumer:

  • If you want no CBD taste: Look for pills or capsules, which you don’t chew or ingest in food. These capsules are fast and easy to swallow, and won’t linger in your mouth. They’re an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, without interacting with the taste. Plus, they deliver powerful doses of CBD in a format that’s easy for the body to absorb and utilize. 
  • If you like fruit flavors: Look for CBD edibles like gummies, which typically include an herbal flavor profile mixed with fruit. These are very palatable options and are excellent for beginning consumers. Keep in mind, though, that they may have more sugar than their less refined counterparts. Drinks are also a great option for consumers in this category. 
  • If you want light flavor masking: Sometimes, you only want a bit of cannabis taste. In this case, look for a tincture. Tinctures typically maintain the natural flavor profile of cannabis while enhancing it with a carrier oil like peppermint or coconut. This is a nice in-between option for more advanced consumers who like the taste of cannabis, but don’t want a pure product.
  • If you want all the CBD flavor: If you love the flavor or hemp or marijuana, then look for pure products. Specifically flower products, as well as vapes and tinctures, that are high in concentrate and low or absent of additional flavor components. These products are a little bit like coffee – each compound will taste and smell different depending on the environment and soil profile in which the cannabis was raised. 

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