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Remedy+ Products Suite

Remedy+ is a Fort Collins, CO based producer of premium hemp-based supplements, topicals and energy snacks specially formulated for active adults seeking an edge in performance and recovery. We started our company in 2019 with one simple goal in mind; to help people, who remain active in their athletic pursuits, perform at a higher level and also recover faster through the power of hemp and our specially formulated CBD blends.

We currently have 5 different offerings, each geared towards helping people during different stages of their daily routine. The DROP is our great tasting CBD/Essential oil tincture blend that helps prime people for their day ahead. The SHOT is our all-natural, easy to shoot 2oz beverage and healthy alternative to the afternoon cup of coffee. It’s also a great way to give yourself extra focus and stamina before tackling a big work project or simply hitting the gym. The RUB is our post-workout topical salve that pairs the finest joint and muscle soothing ingredients with our premium CBD. And the CAP offers the perfect way to end the day. These easy to consume gel-caps help people sleep better and recover faster from their previous day’s activities. All of our CBD products are made here in the USA, are subject to intense lab testing, and are THC free.

And for those people who are unable to use CBD products for whatever reason, we offer the BAR, a non-CBD, super tasty protein snack that is low in calories but rich in energy boosting industrial hemp protein. It’s a great pre- and post-workout snack as well as the perfect grab and go meal replacement for those in a hurry and on a mission.

A verified seller on RangeMe, we currently offer our products via Amazon, Walmart.com, tennis clubs, golf clubs, fitness studios and select health & wellness boutiques as well as our own online storefront.

More about is can be found @  https://myremedyproducts.com/  & https://remedyplusbar.com/  as well as on Facebook and Instagram