Optimize your health

Premium hemp products designed to help you perform better at work or play

Enhance peak performance

Premium hemp products designed to help you perform better at work or play

Seize the moment

Premium hemp products designed to help you perform better at work or play

Our unique and proprietary blends of Hemp Protein, Cannabinoids (like CBD), Terpenes, and Organic Oils help you achieve a competitive edge by working in sync with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. Each of our Cannabis offerings is THC free and specifically formulated to allow for improved relaxation, performance, and recovery.

remedy+ THE DROP

Jumpstart your day
the right way!

remedy+ THE SHOT

Enhance your
competitive edge!

remedy+ THE CAP

Rest your body
for the next day!

remedy+ THE BAR

never tasted this good!

remedy+ THE RUB

Soothing support for
tired joints and muscles!

Why the plus sign?

Remedy+ products are designed to be an additional, optimizing boost for your active lifestyle. Our premium performance-focused formulations deliver a proprietary blend of powerful hemp-based CBD and terpenes along with other natural ingredients to help you be the best you can be. So what are you waiting for? See how much farther you can go with Remedy+ in your arsenal.

Optimize your health today

Remedy+ products are designed to support the optimal function of your body and ensure peak performance in everything you do.

We view hemp mixtures as the smart addition to any healthy, active lifestyle, and our quality CBD (Cannabidiol) blends are a perfect complement to your daily routine.

We specialize in making blends we’d want to take ourselves. When you work with Remedy+, you’re interacting with the best-quality formulations the industry has to offer.

Offering pure, potent, hemp-based CBD along with other performance-focused compounds, we’re committed to your success – both in your personal and professional life. We know the level of sacrifice and hard work required to achieve your goals, and we’re here to give you the final boost you need.

Whether you’re an executive, parent, or athlete, our mission is to support your active lifestyle. No matter if you’re at home, in the office or on the playing fields, we want to extend your peak level of performance and keep you happy and in the game with everything you do.