The Remedy+ Journey

It was the fall of 2017—I was a 43-year-old husband, father, and sunrise to sunset executive with a lot on my plate. Between raising a family and tackling a total home renovation, there was barely enough time to enjoy the sports I love – golf, surfing, paddle tennis, and basketball. Earlier in the year, my insurance brokerage firm where I was a partner merged with 23 other firms to form a new national company, so there was a ton of integration and work to get done. And then, I lost my dad suddenly at the age of 72.

It was then that my body decided to remind me that I was 43 and not 23. A tightness in my back quickly turned into a tingling sensation down to my right toe. An MRI confirmed an L4-L5 herniation. Simple tasks like getting into my car, or putting on a sock grew to where I couldn’t sit for more than 20 minutes, or get a decent night’s sleep.

It was an excellent time to hit the reset button. I chose a holistic approach with the help of some great people that formed my new dream team – a neurokinesiologist, massage therapist, yoga instructor and acupuncturist. I also onboarded a close friend who introduced me to the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, for health.

I began to incorporate CBD into my daily fitness routine. Throw in a little cryotherapy and swimming for good measure, and my body was beginning a comeback. Six months later, I was playing golf, paddle tennis, surfing, sleeping, and sitting much more comfortably—my pain had subsided without surgery or even a cortisone shot. Running, tennis, or boot camps will take more therapy (can’t say I miss those burpees much), but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Three years ago, I didn’t know CBD from DVDs, but now I have four forms of it in my kitchen. I have greater mobility, control of my pain, and less overall physical stress. If you have an experience or journey to recovery like mine, please share it with us.

Having found such transformative relief, I felt the mission to pass it forward and create a company that produces a CBD product that would help others. Along with my co-founder, Tom Kurz, we’ve created Remedy+, a premium brand of CBD products with the highest quality ingredients. Our processing partners in the United States manufacture with the highest safety and production standards. From natural ingredients to state-of-the-art processes, we are confident in realizing our mission: to use high-quality cannabinoids to help people stay active, healthy, and fit while pursuing their passions.

Find out for yourself the benefits of CBD – with Remedy+, a premium brand that delivers relaxation, performance, and recovery—and stay in the game!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing our story and look forward to hearing yours.

Chris Peck, Co-founder and Managing Partner